Twilight stop lieing, I know Scootaloo's mother Firefly 3rd her job tha she won't say. Everypony knows her. Her father works in the military tha way he's never around Princess Celestra says he has a special mission. Nopony knows nothin about him. NOw I want to know wat is tha special mission is?

Thank you for the question, but I’m afraid you have a different head-canon than mine, and that’s okay.  Here’s some of my reasoning for how I’ve written the characters so far.

Scootaloo’s parents have not been confirmed by show staff or writers up to this point.  While I am taking the characters and world in a different direction that the original writers did not intend, it is heavily based on the original storyline and worldbuilding that Hasbro/DHX has done.  I have added a little of my own, in regards to Changeling behavior, cryptozoology, and physiongomy, but otherwise my intentions in the blog have been to make logical extrapolations of possible behavioral shifts in characters.  For example, Twilight’s need to monitor the world was based off of S2 E1 as well as the entire Wedding arc.  Fluttershy’s usage of antianxyalitics (and subsequent overdose) were based off of extrapolations on her behaviors and cofirmed when the character mentioned that she had social anxiety.  This is coupled with my own experiences of being on antianxyalitics and accidental overdose.  Scootaloo’s stalking behavior is based off of her apparent need for affection, with Rainbow Dash as a surrogate sister in her mind.  This is exacerbated by Twilight needing someone small and athletic that can put recording devices in unexpected and covert areas.  Again, as of  yet, Scootaloo’s parents have not been introduced nor their occupations made known.  I have taken the liberty of creating my own head-canon, much like you have your own, though mine gives a nod to popular culture rather than recycling old characters, which is more in keeping with the writing styles of the show authors, along with tying them in with existing episodes, though not in a directly visible manner.  In this same vein, we may see rise of a radio station with odd broadcasts, hosted by a character named Cecil who is very close friends with a pony named Carlos, who is a scientist.  Who knows.  I’ve also taken the liberty of adding in new characters that do not and could not exist within the constraints of family-friendly TV censors, because their story arc would be determined as “too frightening” and how I plan on rendering some of the art as “shocking” to children.  They are there to keep the story fresh and away from being centered on one character specifically, as well as to expand and explore world lore from a firsthand experience.

There is reasoning beyond this as to why I did not make Scootaloo’s parents special forces, military, sneaky, etc.  This will become apparent near the end of the blog’s current story arc.  I apologize for the slow update speed, but I have a lot of projects going on as well as college classes.  Just please be patient - the story is going to continue until the end.  I have no intents of dropping it until it is finished.

An idea I had while watching the series.  What do you guys think, should I do an alt blog covering the Pillar Men arc?  :3

An idea I had while watching the series.  What do you guys think, should I do an alt blog covering the Pillar Men arc?  :3

The Stalkerloo blog does not condone or promote drug abuse, especially not in the case of prescriptions.  Fluttershy’s just gotten too high of an initial dose, and this happens sometimes.  It is not the norm, and is not intended to represent users of anxialytics, though the person I know on them found this comic absolutely hilarious.

The ask box will open once again after the story changes viewpoints to Twilight.  This will be in the next one or two updates.  Please be patient.  X3

Have a changeling.
It was on the fourth image, panel 2.  The reduced size of the final image really didn’t do it justice.  ^__^  Just look at that grin.

Have a changeling.

It was on the fourth image, panel 2.  The reduced size of the final image really didn’t do it justice.  ^__^  Just look at that grin.

We’ll go into the proto-changelings in the next couple updates, along with more on the Friendship Patrol and Stalkerloo’s origins!

Then she’ll get off her butt and get to Ghastly Gorge and stuff.

The ask box is back open. :)

Thank you all so much for following me and putting up with my lack of updates over the past year.  It’s been a completely unexpected thrill ride, the entire thing.

I’ve made friends, lost some, and found love in this fandom.  I’ve made some very close friends in this fandom, you all know who you are.  :) I could name everyone, but I don’t think Tumblr would have the space to allow it, or anything like that.  I’d have loved to have drawn you all, but there wasn’t time.  I’m even late with this simple update.  X(  In due time I’ll get to you all, thank you for your patience.

Thank you all so much for following me and my interperetation of a silly orange horse, and thank you for the patience you’ve shown me in not abandoning me while I struggle through college, work, and other things.  It really means a lot, everyone.

Here’s to another year!

I don’t wanna be popular!  I just want a big sister!

((Although she goes about it in the worst way possible.  Poor stupid orange horse.  That and dude, artists are just regular people, and almost all of us act like average joes.))

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Oh god what is Pinchy doing oh no hugs

I forgot my scooter!

Fluttershy’s acting REALLY weird!  Like, completely nutso.

I’ll have some time while I’m going to Ghastly Gorge, so lay some questions on me!

(story post, if you’re not sure what’s going on, since it’s been a while since I last posted, check prior posts!)

Twilight keeps me out on missions for the Friendship patrol really late most of the time.  I’m really tired.

And Fluttershy’s acting all weird…

(colors not so gret.  I can’t see yellow properly…)



I know I’m a day or two late, but here it is, the second part of the collaboration storyline with the following tumblrs.

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